Business Meeting Etiquette in Vienna Austria

You may not be going to Vienna for fun, in fact, many tourists in Vienna are there for business purposes. In order to be a successful business person in this country, you must be compliant with Austria’s etiquette when going into a business meeting or conference. These will help you excel and give your fellow coworkers a great impression of you and your business.

Things To Do In Vienna

                        Business Meeting Manners

            If you are trying to make an appointment with a private company, be aware that these must be made 3to 4 weeks in advanced. Appointments are always necessary for good businesses. When making this appointment, do not make one in August, before Easter, and during Christmas, most of December is unacceptable as well.  If you are not early to the meeting, you will be asked to exit the building. If you are going to be late, a phone call is imperative. All meetings are formal. Do not cancel a meeting at the last minute, this will ruin any business relationship that you had. When making a presentation, your information must be concrete, accurate, and precise. Having back-up information and make sure you can defend the information you give. Austrians are known to be very meticulous regarding details. Meetings have aspecific order; your agenda will always be followed. You will always send a follow up letter to verify everything agreed upon.

            You will not sit in your chair until you are shown where to sit. The Austrians are extremely strict. You will encounter a little bit of getting to know you chat at the beginning of the meeting. Long-term business relationships are what the Austrians want. They do not want to make a quick sale and leave, they want you for the long run. Position in the business is very important here. In Austria, the businesses are generally smaller than the U.S. and other countries. It should be quite easy to schedule a meeting with the head decision maker of a company.  Do not ever be in a rush to end a meeting. Patience is a virtue in Vienna and Austria when doing business. Austrians are not fond of any drama or confrontation in the business realm. Avoid it!

                        What to Wear?

            Since you will be judged by your wardrobe and demeanor, it is vital to dress correctly. You will dress very conservatively at a business meeting. Men must wear dark clothing, usually business suits with a white shirt. For women, they must wear business type suits or a conservative nice dress. If they wear accessories, they must be very elegant.

                        Would you like My Card?

            Everyone will exchange their cards. This can be done informally. One side must be in German. This will show your attention to details. Showing you are sincere to their native language. Make sure to include your degree on the card. When working for a company that is older, make sure to put the founding date on the card to show stability of your company.

Does North Korea Support Cryptocurrency?

Friends of mine have been asking as I am currently located in Pyongyang the capital of North Korean republic, whether our leader is going to be supporting cryptocurrency?

north korea bitcoin

I have some good or bad news for you, depending on your viewpoint on crypto. The North Korean leaders have a very bullish view towards the entire blockchain ecosystem. They have been using Bitcoin to launder money and bypass sanctions for years now. If you look at many of the top exchanges such as Bitfinex, Bitstamp, and others you’ll see that the majority of the volume is proxied North Korean volume which is funneled through South Korean. By using a proxy they can also get access to exchanges such as Bithumb and Coinone which are located on the south side of Korea.

Cryptocurrency is definitely here to stay and therefore we can’t see any leaders of North Korea having a bearish outlook. Alongside the current bullish state of crypto, the USA and more importantly Donald Trump have made a peace deal with NK and are currently working together to ease sanctions, this could lead to a whole new batch of investors getting into crypto and we could see a boom like no other, the market could explode and go potentially 3-4x from its current levels.

Another viewpoint that I had from a friend of mine working at ICOBench is that since China has pulled out of crypto and banned it in their country, that could mean that Korea does the same, however we believe that Korea is more likely to follow the path of their neighbors Japan, who have endorsed cryptocurrency and will be looking to make it into a federally regulated form of payment.

So what can we gather from this in summary? Bitcoin is here to stay, and our expert friend Jeremy at TheTechInsider believes that BTC will be going to 30K by the end of 2019, he wasn’t wrong before and I doubt he’d be wrong this time.

Gourmet Dining Brand Review: Shrimp Fried Rice

My husband and I are Boy Scout volunteers. Some evenings we have very little time for cooking after work. While doing our grocery shopping we look for quick and easy meal ideas that we could try a couple times a week. On our last trip, we found the Gourmet Dining Shrimp Fried Rice in the freezer section. On the left-hand corner of the package are the words “Freezer to Fork in Minutes”. The bottom front of the package reads “Complete Skillet Meal with Shrimp, Rice, Vegetables with Egg and Gourmet Teriyaki Sauce”. All this and it touts it is 98% Fat-Free, I was sold. As we both like oriental food we thought we’d give it a try. Tonight I prepared the meal and it was fantastic. The instructions are simple and easy. The back of the packaging contains both stovetop and microwave instructions. I prepared the meal using the stovetop instructions. To get the top quality cook on your shrimp fried rice, we recommend a rice cooker, you can see many variations at

Shrimp Fried Rice

Upon opening the package I found three separate plastic bags. One contained the sauce, one contained the shrimp and another larger bag containing the rice and vegetables. Upon first inspection, I thought the meal also contained pineapple. I was wrong; the bright yellow bits are the egg. To prepare the meal all I had to do was the following:

Step One: Thaw the unopened sauce packet under hot running water. The instructions contain DO NOT THAW IN MICROWAVE in big bold capital letters. So I put the sauce packet into a pan of hot water and let the water run slowly over it. While the sauce was thawing I pre-heated a large skillet on the stove over medium-high heat and sprayed it well with Pam cooking spray. The instructions called for one tablespoon of oil or a nonstick cooking spray as I used. I then opened and added the shrimp into the pan and cooked for 2 minutes stirring frequently. I checked the sauce before going on to step two and as it was almost thawed I placed it back into the pan of hot water and turned the water off. I should have probably used my friends’ rice cooker.

Step Two: The instructions are to remove excess liquid and as there was no excess liquid in the skillet I was able to add the rice and vegetable blend as instructions called for. Stirring frequently I heated this mixture for 5 minutes. I wondered how the rice would cook without adding moisture but soon realized the moisture in the frozen vegetables was all that was needed to cook the rice. There were plenty of Sugar Snap Peas and tiny bits of carrots, onion, and egg in the blend. Once I was happy with the tender-crisp quality of the Sugar snap peas and carrots I was ready to go on to…

Step Three: I stirred in the gourmet teriyaki sauce and the meal was ready for our plates, but not before I put my best rice cooker in the dishwasher to clean while we eat!

From start to finish it took 10 minutes to prepare this delicious shrimp fried rice meal. The packaging lists servings per container as 3 to 4. As my husband and I have healthy appetites we were able to eat and have just enough leftover for a light lunch for one of us the next day. I enjoyed the sweet crunchy taste of the sugar snap peas and my husband liked the mild heat felt after swallowing. He thought maybe there would be wasabi listed in the ingredients but the package does not list wasabi. Soy sauce, pepper, garlic and “spices” are what gives the sauce its gourmet taste. I could taste the soy sauce right off and then caught the hint of garlic.

When my husband said “this is a keeper”, I knew I had found a quick and easy meal that he would eat if I prepared another time. He did suggest, however, that a spring roll or egg roll each would be a nice addition to the meal. I do agree with that. This meal would be good for a single person that likes leftovers or a couple with hearty appetites. If it was prepared as a side dish to another main course it would serve 4 but I don’t think so otherwise. If you like fried rice do pick up Gourmet Dining’s Shrimp Fried Rice on your next shopping trip, you’ll find it in the freezer section.