Best Gaming Mouse: Two of the Best

As we approach the gift giving season, one thing is for certain. When Santa comes down the chimney, or whomever brings the gifts, kids all over the world will have some form of gaming system right at their feet. With, today we are going to examine two very awesome gaming mice. These two might be the best gaming mice ever. So, if you need a gaming mouse, check this out.

                        Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse:

            List price: $79.99     Today & free shipping: $36.00

Featuring 20 programmable buttons, this gaming mouse is available in black or white for this very awesome price. It comes with a 12- button thumb panel designed for fast, no-look navigating. It is very low friction too. It works better on smooth surfaces. The cursor is very exact in its movements and the accuracy has been improved. This mouse also comes with a G-shift ring-finger button, this allows you to double your actions that you can do with each button. This mouse has been designed for ease. It is shaped and features modified buttons that will help decrease your click weariness during your extended gaming sessions with numerous players.

            You can completely personalize this mouse for you. You set it up however you want it. It has colors on the thumb panel too. There can be DPI buttons and specific button assignments, its up to you. It is made for PC gaming and compatible with most Windows programs. 

            Pros: Multi-Button Functionality, On-Board Profile Storage, and Easily Customized with Logitech Software

            Cons: Best Suited for MMO, Not comfortable for long periods of Use

                        Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse:

            List Price: $ 79.99 @ Best Buy

            Voted probably the best, if not the best out there.  There are several professional gamers who use this mouse and love it. This has the highest DPI at 12,000. When you are gaming and every second counts, this is the mouse you need.  It features an advanced optical sensor and is the most accurate and responsive mouse on the market.

            If you play marathon tournaments, this mouse helps you by providing you with a design hat is comfortable and prevents cramping. This mouse fits most hand sizes as well. Settings on this mouse are quite user friendly and has built in software too. The mouse gives you the most personable experience for you to play your best.

            Pros: Extremely Customizable: This mouse allows users to create and personalized it, based on their needs and what helps them win.                                                Ambient Lighting: Ambient glow makes the mouse look sleek and has an attractive design.                                                                                                                                        High DPI:  DPI on average is 1,600, which many gamers are happy with. However, this mouse has 12,000, is the highest.

            Cons: Not suited for left- handed people.

            Bulky in Design: Comfortable for most hands, however, smaller handed people may think its too big for them. This may cause gamers to shy away from it and find one made for smaller hands.